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GMOs: Better Safe than Sorry?
AUGUST 29, 2012
If you live in the USA, GM crops are in the food you eat and you might not even know it.
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High Drug Residues Found at California Meat and Dairy Operations
AUGUST 28, 2012
Dairy and meat farms in California were among the most recent establishments to receive federal warning letters after unacceptable levels of drug residues were found in cattle that they sold for...
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USDA Panel Gets Altered-Crops Pay Plan
AUGUST 28, 2012
California voters this fall will decide a ballot measure that would require labeling of foods containing genetically engineered material. But the Department of Agriculture is already tied in knots...
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12 New GM Crops Up For USDA Approval
AUGUST 28, 2012
Earlier this summer, the USDA posted twelve new GE crops for public comment with a September 11 deadline, and nine are under the new fast-tracked process.
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Farmers Want New Farm Bill, but Time Is Running Out
AUGUST 28, 2012
With the current package of Farm Bill programs due to expire September 30, the chorus of voices from the countryside demanding action by lawmakers is growing louder.
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Antibiotics in Food Animals
AUGUST 24, 2012
Almost since their invention, antibiotics have been prescribed for sick animals.
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