Fix Antibiotics Consumer Tips
Fix Antibiotics Consumer Tips

As a consumer you have a say. We can each do our own part at home to protect ourselves, our families, and the public health. 

Start by signing the petition at and tell Trader Joe’s you want it to sell only meat raised without antibiotics.


Find meat raised without antibiotics at or at your local market. Look for any of these labels:

  •  USDA “Organic”
  •  No antibiotics administered 
  •  Raised without antibiotics 

Learn more about labels, including which ones may be misleading, from Consumers Union


The meat industry’s practice of feeding antibiotics to animals in unhealthy, crowded conditions is breeding superbugs on the farm.  This increases pressure on consumers to practice safe handling and cooking techniques at home.

Here are the basics for storing, preparing and cooking your meat:

  •  Buy a food thermometer.  The color of the meat doesn’t always mean it’s safe to eat;
  •  Always wash your hands, cutting board, sink, and anything else that comes in contact with raw meat before using them for something else;
  •  Only defrost in your microwave, the refrigerator, or cold water.




Cooking Temperature


Use or freeze within one or two days. 

Whole chicken: 165°

Whole turkey: 165°


Use or freeze within three to five days

Ground beef: 160°

Steaks and roasts: 145°


Use or freeze within one or two days

Ground pork: 160°

Pork cuts: 145°

 Learn more at USDA’s safe handling and cooking practices for meat.  



Ask your doctor if an antibiotic will truly help what’s ailing you, and follow her instructions as prescribed. Whenever you skip doses, don’t finish a prescription, or drink alcohol when you’re on the meds, you make the antibiotic less effective and give bacteria inside you a chance to become resistant. 

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